3D Printing: Shop is open!

11 April 2016 · By Snuti

Heart Necklace

While we’ve been busy with our yearly Sommerles project (which will be awesome by the way), we’ve also been doing some exciting new 3D prints! While I’ve not posted much about what we’ve been making, it’s become quite a few things! I’ll start with one of my favourites and will be posting more in the future.

Fingerprint heart pendant

A special design which we were very satisfied with was our fingerprint-heart-necklace. We used both of our thumb prints and combined it together with a rounded heart shape design, with a custom engravement on the back. While this one looked very bland and not defined in plastic, the end result in brass was amazing. What do you think? what type of design would you like to have your fingerprint on?

Our Shapeways shop is open!

We have opened up our own Shapeways shop, which only has one item at the moment, but we are going to be filling it up in the near future. If you have a custom order or design request, send us an email and we can make it become a reality. :)

Life lately at Snuti HQ

4 April 2016 · By Snuti

Life Lately at Snuti HQ

I can’t believe it is already April, and there is so much going on around here in Snuti HQ. It’s normally around this time of year that we fall off the radar on social media, as our client projects take priority. This year however, we are trying to find a good balance between keeping up with blogging/side projects and staying a bit more social online, even if it is just a bit.

Starting the year with beautiful snow and winter time, it’s been inspirational to look out the window, whilst working on our current project, Sommerles 2016. As it will be launching in June, we have been working hard on the project, and integrating an exciting story written by Mari Moen Holsve, on the website! Of course, this means that some of our goals for doing side projects has been limited in this time, but we are learning more about managing a large amount of clients. Nesha from Nesha designs shared Streak, which is a CRM based within Gmail, in her list of 10 tools and apps I use for freelancing. It utilises boxes to store all your emails for a project or client in one place and ever since we have started using it, it has made it so much easier for us to work efficiently with our clients.

Having my own personal goal to do more intentional blogging has been put a little on hold with our current project but I hope to get going with it at the end of spring, start of Summer. We even upgraded Snuti HQ with new motorised standing desks from IKEA, so stay tuned for a new post about it!

How are your goals for this year going? Excited for Spring?

Reflecting on 2015

20 January 2016 · By Clare

Reflecting on 2015

Happy new year, even if it is half way through January! 2015 was a great year for us, especially since we got married and launched many exciting projects, but we’re super excited for 2016 too. I’ll be honest when I say that I’ve been putting off writing this post due to getting ill and I just didn’t have as many goals for this year as I first anticipated.

A good year

2015 has been an exciting year for us and we’ve made more progress than we first thought at the beginning of this year. We began 2015 with our Re Middle ages application for children to learn about the Middle ages. It was a great start to a year, which followed swiftly with the new Sommerles for 2015. We completely redesigned it from the year before, and included a Norse inspired fantasy story written by Mari Moen Holsve (in Norwegian). We learnt a lot from this project about handling a lot of customers and becoming more familiar with the evolving web technologies. It was a brilliant experience and more enlightening to see so many children participate in this year’s Sommerles to improve their reading. In Autumn, we started working on our 3D Jewellery project to create custom made jewellery for others and we redesigned Snuti.net to reflect us and our company’s goal.

The best day of our lives

In Summer, we got married!!! It was the best day of our lives and you can see some of the photos on our photographer’s website here. The months leading up to it were full with organising and designing everything for the wedding and when the day finally arrived, it went way too fast! We had all of my family from UK and France and Christer’s from Norway, come to the wedding and it was magical with everyone in one place. We also went for an nontraditional wedding dance, which we coordinated ourselves, to the song “For the Dancing and the dreaming” from “How to train your dragon 2”.

Clare & Christer with our two cairn terriers on our wedding day

A picture of us on wedding day and our two cairn terriers, Dani and Moritz, who brought the rings down the aisle.

The year ahead

It was a great year for us, and we are even more excited about 2016! We have already started the year with Sommerles 2016 and it’s going to be so exciting this year. We both have our own personal goals, just as much as our goals for Snuti. For both of us, we are trying to become better at time management so that we can create side projects, alongside client projects. When running a business, I sometimes feel like I just don’t want to make anything else after the day ends, but this year, we are going to try and work on side projects, which will be exciting.

One of my personal goals is to do more intentional blogging and try not to stop blogging when other projects are going on. It’s been a struggle of mine for the last year, but it’s also possible that I will work on another blog beside sometimes blogging for Snuti.

As the year has already started, have you completed any of your goals, or what are your plans and goals for 2016?

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