Free Wallpaper: December

30 November 2015 · By Clare


Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t wait for it! Whenever I think about the Christmas season, the first things that come to mind are snow, making a gingerbread house and eating a Norwegian Christmas dinner. After having a bit of snow in November, I felt all ready for Christmas and started planning our Gingerbread house for this year!

I started vectoring a gingerbread house and thus the wallpaper for this December month was created. Of course, the Norwegian Christmas dinner wasn’t included in the wallpaper, as it is better eaten, than vectored! :P

Download below and enjoy!

Wallpaper without Calendar | Wallpaper with Calendar | Phone wallpaper

What do you look forward to at Christmas? Opening all the presents? Making Gingerbread houses? We would love to hear about it :)

Smartphone macro photography

20 November 2015 · By Christer

On our recent trip to Wales, we invested in three lenses for our smartphones, because I’ve been curious to see if our smartphones can replace our DSLR in certain cases. We bought a 3-in-1 kit from Amazon, with a macro, wide and fisheye lens, that were clip on lenses you attach to the phone, which works with any smartphone and no adhesive was needed.

The wide lens is only marginally wider, at 1.6x, than your already wide phone camera. The fisheye is very wide and sometimes struggles at getting a clear focus. However, the macro lens could only focus very close up, but the detail it took was amazing.

Smartphone macro 1

Picture of our wedding ring with the macro lens (On a cactus).

After playing around with these, I wish the macro was not as wide and could focus a bit further away. The wide angle lens isn’t very useful as smartphone cameras are already quite wide, while the fisheye lens is not what I usually need.

I really enjoyed using these and I believe lenses can really can make smartphone photography shine, so I’m still curious to try more of them. Any recommendations or experiences?

Smartphone fisheye

Picture of Moritz with the fisheye lens.

Life lately – UK trip

17 November 2015 · By Clare

Life Lately - UK trip pictures

It’s been little over a week since we went on a little trip to UK, and as much as I love Norway, I do miss Wales a lot. Whenever we go there, my parents always take us to some of my favourite places or visit somewhere new that Christer hasn’t visited before. So I thought I would write a little post about some of the places we visited on our trip.

ONE: If you’ve ever been to Wales, then you know we have a lot of Castles. St Quentin’s Castle in Cowbridge is a ruin and unfortunately we can’t go walking inside the castle anymore, but it is still a beautiful castle.

TWO: St Fagans Museum! One of my favourite places, which houses many old buildings from all over Wales in one area. The red house is a typical farmhouse and they even have an old 11th Century church there too. It truly is an enchanting place and they have an amazing bakery, which we always buy fresh cheesy, bread from when we visit :)

THREE: I love Autumn, especially the colours, and walking around St Fagans was one of the perfect places to experience all the colours of the season.

You can see more of our photos on our instagram, so go check it out :)

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