Reflecting on 2015

20 January 2016 · By Clare

Reflecting on 2015

Happy new year, even if it is half way through January! 2015 was a great year for us, especially since we got married and launched many exciting projects, but we’re super excited for 2016 too. I’ll be honest when I say that I’ve been putting off writing this post due to getting ill and I just didn’t have as many goals for this year as I first anticipated.

A good year

2015 has been an exciting year for us and we’ve made more progress than we first thought at the beginning of this year. We began 2015 with our Re Middle ages application for children to learn about the Middle ages. It was a great start to a year, which followed swiftly with the new Sommerles for 2015. We completely redesigned it from the year before, and included a Norse inspired fantasy story written by Mari Moen Holsve (in Norwegian). We learnt a lot from this project about handling a lot of customers and becoming more familiar with the evolving web technologies. It was a brilliant experience and more enlightening to see so many children participate in this year’s Sommerles to improve their reading. In Autumn, we started working on our 3D Jewellery project to create custom made jewellery for others and we redesigned to reflect us and our company’s goal.

The best day of our lives

In Summer, we got married!!! It was the best day of our lives and you can see some of the photos on our photographer’s website here. The months leading up to it were full with organising and designing everything for the wedding and when the day finally arrived, it went way too fast! We had all of my family from UK and France and Christer’s from Norway, come to the wedding and it was magical with everyone in one place. We also went for an nontraditional wedding dance, which we coordinated ourselves, to the song “For the Dancing and the dreaming” from “How to train your dragon 2”.

Clare & Christer with our two cairn terriers on our wedding day

A picture of us on wedding day and our two cairn terriers, Dani and Moritz, who brought the rings down the aisle.

The year ahead

It was a great year for us, and we are even more excited about 2016! We have already started the year with Sommerles 2016 and it’s going to be so exciting this year. We both have our own personal goals, just as much as our goals for Snuti. For both of us, we are trying to become better at time management so that we can create side projects, alongside client projects. When running a business, I sometimes feel like I just don’t want to make anything else after the day ends, but this year, we are going to try and work on side projects, which will be exciting.

One of my personal goals is to do more intentional blogging and try not to stop blogging when other projects are going on. It’s been a struggle of mine for the last year, but it’s also possible that I will work on another blog beside sometimes blogging for Snuti.

As the year has already started, have you completed any of your goals, or what are your plans and goals for 2016?

December Daily 2015 – Roundup

31 December 2015 · By Clare

December Daily 2015 roundup

Instagram has been one of my favourite social media channels this last year, but sometimes it can be a struggle to come up with ideas for photos to post. This month, I decided I wanted to take on a monthly Instagram challenge to get inspired and to post more on Instagram. One of the challenges I took part in was December Daily, which is primarily for scrapbooking but I decided to take part just on Instagram.

Deciding to take part in a challenge was my first step to try and get more in touch with Instagram. It’s been tough trying to avoid posting only dog pictures (How can you not post photos of them when they are so cute?), but this challenge has really motivated me to try experimenting with what I take photos of. December seemed like a brilliant time to take part especially when Alice from the Geeky Burrow recommended a great selection of challenges on her blog here.

Initially, I intended to post weekly roundups of the photos throughout December, but in the end, I thought a monthly roundup would be better. Here are a selection of my Instagram photos from this festive month, with descriptions underneath:

December daily Images

December daily Images

December daily Images

This month I:

  • Saw the Aurora for the first time in my life. The camera was able to capture the beauty so well! :)
  • Read the Harry potter books for #HPDec & finished reading the very interesting and inspirational, #Girlboss.
  • Made a gingerbread church together with Christer & enjoyed delicious hot chocolate in the cold weather.
  • designed our Christmas cards and enjoyed the snow even though it arrived a bit later than Christmas day.

You can see more on our Instagram here.

I love December for the chance to see snow again, be around the family and of course, Christmas! How has your Christmas and December been? Did you manage to have some snow and build a snowman?

Free Wallpaper: December

30 November 2015 · By Clare


Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t wait for it! Whenever I think about the Christmas season, the first things that come to mind are snow, making a gingerbread house and eating a Norwegian Christmas dinner. After having a bit of snow in November, I felt all ready for Christmas and started planning our Gingerbread house for this year!

I started vectoring a gingerbread house and thus the wallpaper for this December month was created. Of course, the Norwegian Christmas dinner wasn’t included in the wallpaper, as it is better eaten, than vectored! :P

Download below and enjoy!

Wallpaper without Calendar | Wallpaper with Calendar | Phone wallpaper

What do you look forward to at Christmas? Opening all the presents? Making Gingerbread houses? We would love to hear about it :)

Smartphone macro photography

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Free Wallpaper: November

Tiny Nature Photography

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