Where to find Design inspiration

12 October 2015 · By Snuti

Where to find design inspiration

Finding inspiration isn’t that hard for us when we have the Internet, but there is so much choice of where to look that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Personally, I struggle with finding inspiration for new projects, so I wrote a list of go-to places for inspiration to share with you.


It’s all around us and it’s so beautiful that you can’t quite take your eyes off it. It comes in some many different shapes and forms that it is never the same. That’s why Nature is a brilliant source of Inspiration: It always changing. Autumn and spring are my favourite times, because of the transformation that happens and the colours! It’s so easy to get inspiration for a story, or a web design, just from being around it and exploring it.


It looks like everyone is using Pinterest nowadays because let’s face it, it has so much content shared by others that is inspiring. Whether it is a blog post, recipes or art studies, it’s all there ready to be discovered. I find this to be one of the best, starting points (provided you don’t get distracted halfway through of course :P ) for getting any sort of inspiration, whether it is for a design or a moodboard, it’s just great! Personally, I love making new secret Pinterest boards for our new projects.

Design websites

There are some great websites out there specific for certain types of design and you can find other designs that people have made and gain inspiration from it. As I work mostly with websites, I find some of my go-to websites to be: Webdesign depot, Designspiration & Dribble.

Go outside

Nature is a great source of inspiration, but so is cities and towns. Man-made structures can also be inspiring, with their different shapes and sizes, that the inspiration you are looking for might just be a few steps outside your front door.


Meditation can be great to collect your thoughts and creativity and sometimes even can inspire you. Just think about the beautiful, blue sea and letting yourself take a 5 minute or longer meditation break might just be the key to unleash your creativity. It can help you find that thought or idea that you’ve been looking for.

There is just so much inspiration out there that sometimes it is hard to find the right things that can help you get over that design block, or help your creativity. Don’t forget to take a break during you search for inspiration or creative work.

Now that I have shared some of the places that I find inspirational, what is your go-to place for seeking inspiration? Write it in the comments below :)

The new Snuti website

6 October 2015 · By Snuti

Welcome to the new redesign

Yes, it’s finally live and the new redesign of our website, Snuti.net is complete. It was a necessary change after we shifted our focus away from creating games, and focused more on designing and developing websites.

After our wedding and our latest Sommerles project, we’ve been working hard on this shiny new design and making it responsive to fit with Google’s new search algorithm. It’s been too much fun and I think this site went through loads of iterations and different design concepts before we finally chose our favourite. Too many ideas and it’s such a hard task to design for oneself! Now we are currently available for work, so if you are interested in custom jewellery, a new website or blog design, just get in touch! :)

Image of Snuti's redesign

The Beauty of Breaks

21 August 2015 · By Clare

beauty of breaks

Working all day, without breaks, can cause us more harm than anything else. You may be stressed to meet a deadline or want to get your business off the ground, but working 24/7 can cause burnout. This can stop you working all together and to avoid it, breaks are essential.

It is so hard for us to work intensely hour after hour, but just a 10-15 minute break in an hour can be a brilliant outlet for gaining more creativity and productivity throughout the day. One of the best ways to remember to take a break is through the Pomodoro technique.

The Pomodoro Technique is a wonderful work system that consists of 25 minutes of intense work time, and a 5 minute break. This technique makes use of short bursts of creativity without checking social media every 5 minutes or getting distracted. It’s amazing how much work can be done in just 25 minutes alone. Apps such Tomighty (Mac & Windows) helps track your breaks but a traditional kitchen timer also works brilliantly.

It is easy to think “I have a deadline coming up so I can’t take a break”, right? However, that 5 minute break could be the best thing your brain needs. If you take time for breaks, you may even complete your project earlier, rather than facing burnout due to overworking yourself. It happens to us all but it is only when you really take breaks do you see the difference it makes.

But what can I do in my breaks? If you spend all your time in front of the computer, the best thing is to take your eyes away from the screen. Go for a walk, read a book, grab a snack/water or meditate are just a few examples of what you can do.

For me, I struggled taking breaks, simply because as freelancers, we think we need to work all the time to earn money, but really, there is always time for a break. As soon as I started taking small 5 minute breaks, my productivity increased and I was far more relaxed. If you use a Mac, I highly recommend “Time out Free” to force you away from the computer screen for 5 minutes or longer.

Do you take breaks regularly? What do you do in your breaks?

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