Reflecting on 2016

3 January 2017 · By Snuti


Happy new year, everyone!! This last year has been action packed, even though we didn’t have a snowy Christmas. With some jewellery projects, two reading campaigns and a trip to Thailand & Singapore, it’s been an amazing year for us. Unfortunately, we also had to say our farewells to two of our beloved family members, who will forever be in our hearts!

We started last year with our usual project, Sommerles, for the third time running. With over 30,000 children who participated, it was a giant success and 2017 looks to be even more promising! Our friend, Shaivya Saraswat, joined us for Sommerles 2016, to help with character designs. It was an amazing experience to work together with her, and with some great character art, we just can’t wait to continue our collaboration with her this year!


In August, we were asked to create a reading campaign for Norli, one of Norway’s book retailers. With a focus on children reading as a class and competing against other schools, it brought a new aspect to the reading campaign and catered for the whole of Norway. When we reflect over the last 3 years and see how the reading campaigns are helping Norwegian children to read, it makes us so inspired!

We made more custom jewellery designs this year which included two christening presents and a pair of wedding rings. It’s on the cards for us next year that we will be expanding the jewellery element of our business and exploring new designs (we have plenty of ideas already! :D )


In September, we decided to take the plunge and book a trip outside of Europe. Our first idea was to go to America, but after hearing and seeing beautiful pictures from other entrepreneurs (such as The Great Anomaly, Kinlake and Travel Dave) about Chiang Mai in Thailand, we decided to take a trip there!

Chiang Mai was an amazing experience, and a rather warm place! We happened to come from -10 degrees celsius and snow, so it took some adjusting to the climate. The food was amazing and coffee shops were great to work from. We took some time to be inspired and expand on our jewellery ideas, whilst working from the cafés.  Whilst we were there, we had the opportunity to meet Nick and Gen of The Great Anomaly, another couple in business or otherwise called “couplepreneurs”. It was inspiring to meet other couple running a business together and they were absolutely amazing and inspiring people! 


After a week in Thailand, we took a trip to Singapore! Christer visited Singapore when he was in University and looking back at the old pictures, it’s amazing how much has changed. We visited Gardens in the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Singapore’s Library and plenty more, but one of the highlights was meeting Christer’s friend, Justin and trying Durian, Singapore’s national fruit! In my opinion, it tasted very good, but the smell wasn’t something you would expect from a fruit. :P



With 2016 finished, we are so excited for 2017 and what it will bring. Last year, we found little time to work on personal projects and this blog was sadly neglected, especially when we found it difficult to come up with content we felt suited the direction of the blog. This year, we will be starting our own Snuti Jam’s to focus on creating personal projects in a set time frame. With those already planned up ahead, we can’t wait to try something new and experiment with trying new technology and flexing our creativity.

What goals or plans do you have for 2017? :D

Work: Sommerles 2016

11 August 2016 · By Snuti

Work- Sommerles 2016

It’s our third year running the Summer reading campaign collaboration with Vestfold libraries, called Sommerles here in Norway, and this year over 30,000 children are reading and participating! With half of Norway’s libraries taking part, it’s been truly amazing to see so many children enjoying and reading books in their summer holidays!

With a new design each year to follow the theme of the story written for Sommerles, we had the opportunity this year to work with Shaivya, who drew the amazing characters for Sommerles. Working with a detective story theme, we created an atmospheric design to fit around the story.

See the new designs for Sommerles here.

Sommerles on all devices

When looking at the technical elements of Sommerles this year, it has truly evolved. We developed our own API to focus on expanding the functionality of the campaign and to avoid rewriting the same features in the future (We’ve been there and done that!). Everything is template driven by Handlebars, which allowed us to do both client and server-side page rendering with the LightnCandy library. It also JS re-renders any of the HTML elements just by querying our own unified API, which communicates with both PHP and JS, merging server and client development in working harmony.

We’ve built a lot of utilities around this workflow and it’s truly paid off for our development. It’s been fun to work with and has allowed us to focus on how our HTML and SASS works together, rather than wrestling a JS callback spagetti monster.

Since the campaign this year has been running on the two languages in Norway, Nynorsk and Bokmål, we wrote our own translation system to work alongside Google Spreadsheet. By using our own JS and PHP translation system, which is pulled together using Handlebars, we’ve created a simple and collaborative process which allowed us to work with others using the power of Google spreadsheets. We learnt more about how powerful SQL can be, so this year we replaced quite a bit of PHP and replaced it with SQL logic, thus speeding up load times.

Last year’s campaign was brilliant, but due to integrating quite a few features last minute, we were left with quite a bit of code debt. This year, with handlebars and the use of an API, we now have a clean API and templating system to expand on the campaign for future years.

Check out our work page to see more of the Sommerles designs here or check out the cool video below (tip: watch till the very end, you’ll be surprised :P)

3D Printing: Shop is open!

11 April 2016 · By Snuti

Heart Necklace

While we’ve been busy with our yearly Sommerles project (which will be awesome by the way), we’ve also been doing some exciting new 3D prints! While I’ve not posted much about what we’ve been making, it’s become quite a few things! I’ll start with one of my favourites and will be posting more in the future.

Fingerprint heart pendant

A special design which we were very satisfied with was our fingerprint-heart-necklace. We used both of our thumb prints and combined it together with a rounded heart shape design, with a custom engravement on the back. While this one looked very bland and not defined in plastic, the end result in brass was amazing. What do you think? what type of design would you like to have your fingerprint on?

Our Shapeways shop is open!

We have opened up our own Shapeways shop, which only has one item at the moment, but we are going to be filling it up in the near future. If you have a custom order or design request, send us an email and we can make it become a reality. :)

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